In Two-Way Radios, You Get What You Pay For

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In Two-Way Radios, You Get What You Pay For

At Command Radio, we get customer inquiries all the time: “What’s your cheapest two-way radio?”

Though we appreciate the sentiment, it is really not the right question to ask, because often price may not determine quality, characteristics, features or manufacturer’s warranties.

The requirements you have for your radio’s operational performance within your specific environment should determine which radio would be best for your situation.

  • How often will the radio be dropped?
  • Will the radio encounter water?
  • Will the radio be exposed to harsh environmental elements?
  • Does the radio need to be intrinsically safe?
  • Who is going to use this radio? A worker or a supervisor?
  • How long does the radio need to operate? 8 hour shift or 12 hour shift?
  • At what distance will the radios be operating? In a building or across a community?
  • Do you have groups of radios that need to specifically communicate privately at times?

Based on some of the questions above, you should determine the radio option suited for those determined needs verses price alone.

At times, our customers will opt with the cheapest radio option available, a good example being some of the newer Chinese brands that are sold on the internet. We usually find those customers returning to us when those radios have died after a short lived period of time and at the most inconvenient moments such as emergency situations. Those radios often cannot even be fixed due to their cheap nature. It costs more to fix than to replace.

Two-way radios for daily operations should be thought as an investment. The brands of radios we offer at Command Radio Communications last on average between 3 & 7 years if and when regular annual maintenance is performed.

When you buy from a local dealer such as Command Radio, you would also get the benefits of local services like:

  • Warranty repairs
  • Loaner radios while your radio units are in with us for repair
  • Experts on your radios programming files and FCC license status
  • Genuine parts and accessories, not third party knock offs with unknown quality
  • Support when other parties are interfering with your system
  • Updates on the newest products and technology

As a local dealer we will guide you to the best radio for you needs and budget with the understanding that the two-way radio you buy should last you at least through its warranty.

If you have any questions we will would to hear from you.

Please fill out the form below with any questions you may have.

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