Have you checked your two-way radio battery lately?

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Have you checked your two-way radio battery lately?

Your two way radio seems to operate well enough, though you notice it seems to not be transmitting or receiving as smoothly as it once did. Or there seems to be some faint interference in the background. The radio’s functions aren’t operating properly. Could there be a problem with the radio….OR is it the battery! This is the most common problem with minor communications of your two way radios which we encounter on a daily basis, lack of replacement of a new battery in a timely manner.

Two-way radio battery power is crucial to the use of your radio. Power is not like an ON and OFF switch. It’s more like a fading process. Batteries fade out over time and consistent use. No batteries last forever. Two way radio batteries NEED replacement after just over one year of consistent use. Even when they are still allowing the radio to operate, the battery is working on low output after this amount of time, thus little performance issues can start to aggravate the proper use of the radio.

All Command Radio Communications batteries are marked with an expiration date when sold to a customer. We place a sticker on the inside of the battery. Once that expiration date passes, it’s best to order new batteries for replacement. If your sticker is missing for any reason, look at your date of purchase from your receipt, that will tell you the year and month the battery was activated. Simply add one year and see where you are in terms of expiration.



Batteries are a nominal cost in keeping your communications operating at an optimal level. Don’t wait until the battery dies, or until there are issues that come at the most inopportune times. Replace your batteries once a year.

If you have questions on two-way radio batteries, or if you would like us to provide a price quote –  please call us @ 201-666-0131 or fill out the form below:

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