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vertexCommand Radio Communications Inc. has been a factory authorized dealer of Vertex Standard Two-Way radio products since 1990, and we are a NJ & NY State Contract Vendor. Command Radio Communications relationship with Vertex Standard products all started with a police incident the founder was involved in.

In 1989 our founder Mario Karcich, a Captain at West New York Police, at the time was at the scene of an incident in Hudson County.  At the scene with his man it became difficult to communicate on the radio with the other surrounding agencies and towns reporting to the scene. Some of the towns were on UHF and others were on VHF, the solution he needed was a dual band portable radio that could communicate with the surrounding towns on UHF & VHF.

At the time Motorola did not have a solution but Vertex Standard did was asked to come and present their portable solution. Mario was so impressed with the dual band radio and saw then need and opportunity to help other public safety agencies with the same problem, that he took out a small loan and became a dealer of Vertex Standard Two Way Radio products, and from there Command Radio Communications was born.

Vertex Standard has enabled Command Radio Communications to provide its customers with affordable, durable, and innovative two-way radio products. Looking for a submersible radio for an affordable price, a durable P25 digital radio, something with lots of features but compact and durable, or you just need something that works but doesn’t break the budget.

Here are some Highlights on the Vertex Standard Line of Two-Way Radios

  • Affordable Options
  • Under NJ & NY State Contract – Authorized State Contract Dealer
  • eVerge Digital Radio Technology
    • NJ State Contract
    • NY State Contract

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