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nexedgeKenwood’s Nexedge Digital Technology enables us to provide our customers with a tailored communications system that can solves many of issues our customers face today. Issues like poor unreliable two-way radio coverage, private & secure communications, text messaging, enhanced emergency features, tracking of assets and people. Unlike our competitors the digital format that propriety and can only be used on Motorola Radios.  Kenwood jointly developed Nexedge (NXDN) with ICOM Communications, and is opening up NXDN format to other radio manufactures, giving consumers more choice.

Currently Kenwood Communications offers (3) portable radios in its lineup:

NX-200/300 – The work horse, ultra durable, and great LCD Screen

  • NX-220/320 – Small, Feature Rich, and durable
  • NX-240/340 – Medium Sized, Durable, entry level

Kenwood Communications also offers (2) Mobile radios in its lineup for uses in vehicles and small base station radios:

  • NX-700/800 – The Work horse, durable, High Power available, and great LCS Screen
  • NX-720/800 – Built in GPS receiver, durable, feature rich
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Listed below is an example of the capabilities that a Digital Radio System has provided for our customers.

Talk Groups: Creation of specialized talk groups within the digital radio system. Examples of talk groups could be tailored: Security, Maintenance, and Administration & Grounds. When a radio selects one of these talk groups, only radios assigned to that group would hear the call. Thus eliminating unnecessary radio chatter.

  • Individual Calling or Selective Calling: The system grants a user the ability to call any radio on the system privately by selecting that radio’s unique ID Name. Examples are John Smith, HS Custodian, Sec FH, or whatever combination of letters or numbers you desire.
  • Emergency Features: The digital radios recommended are equipped an orange emergency alert button. The emergency alert button can be programmed to activate an alarm and broadcast important details about the user who triggered the alert. We can program all the radios or a group of radios to display the ID Name or Number of the user who activated the emergency alert. The user’s radio which activated the alert would also make a local audible alarm sound.This local alarm sound would be useful to track a person down who might have had a medical issue and can no longer talk after pressing the alert. The radio’s microphone can also be programmed to activate (On the Air/Go Live) once the emergency alert is activated.Thus, the user would have hands free operation, and responders would hear what’s going on in the background. This feature could be customized to your preference. Also, if the system utilizes the KAS-10 radio dispatch software, the alerting radios ID will display on the computer screen and the computer will sound an alarm.
  • Send and Receiving Text Messages: Digital radios have the ability to send and receive a variety of text messages. A portable digital radio can be customized to have a series of user defined text messages programmed into it. Therefore, the user selects the message they want to send and presses the radio’s “push to talk” button. An example of some canned text messages could be, LOCK DOWN, REPORT TO OFFICE, FIRE ALARM, FIRE DRILL, and ALL CLEAR.The radio user would have the ability to send or receive these text messages as a talk group or individually. Also if the system utilizes the KAS-10 radio dispatch software, the dispatcher can send a freestyle detailed message, such as “white male in red jacket with a yellow ball cap” to security officers that are looking for someone.
  • GPS Features: With the aid of GPS speaker microphones, radio users that can see the open sky can be tracked via the radio system using KAS-10 & mapping software from a desktop or laptop computer.
  • Extended Radio Coverage: Our experience has revealed that customers are receiving 20% to 30% better radio coverage using a digital radio system. The digital radio signal has the ability to penetrate concrete and steel.
  • Security: The Nexedge digital radio provides a level of security in our communications, which is programmable.