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Kenwood Communications has been offering a wide range of Land Mobile Radio Products for over 50 years. Most customers how Kenwood for their consumer electronics, well they use that same great audio speaker technology in their two way radio products.

Command Radio Communications is pleased to be an Authorized Dealer and an NJ/NY State Contact Dealer for fourteen years now. When you buy a Kenwood radio you are getting a well-built radio for a great price, and factory support.  At Command Radio we have a saying about Kenwood’s mobile radios “Once we sell you a mobile we ever see it again,” meaning these mobiles are durable and built to last. We rarely get service calls on Kenwood mobiles other than to reprogram them, or install them into another vehicle.

Kenwood offers a wide range of Portable & Mobile two-way radios to fit almost any application or need. From robust P25 digital & NXDN Digital solutions, to simple analog systems with Kenwood you are getting the durability & feature to make sure the call goes through.