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At Command Radio Communications Inc. we are committed to educating our customers on how to use the two-way radio equipment we sell. How to properly maintain that equipment, and how to have at the constant ready, so its their when you need it the most.

Here you will find an ongoing article series relating to two-way radio maintenance, training, and helpful use tips.

Improving your two-way radios performance

What is considered the most critical and least expensive component of your two-way, to increase the performance on both transmitting and receiving? If you answered the antenna, you are absolutely correct. The average antenna supplied with your portable two-way radio, which is often called a “rubber ducky”, is actually not very efficient and sacrifices performance [...]

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6 advantages two-way radios have over cellphones in an emergency

                There are five distinct advantages a well-planned two-way radio system has over a traditional cellphone in an emergency. Instant communication Network independence All, Group, and Individual Call functionality Interoperation Capabilities Emergency features built in the device Flexibility Let’s set up some real scenarios for comparing these two [...]

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